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BIOtouchless provides the world’s first truly touchless toilet paper dispenser. It delivers a completely touchless and sanitary experience for the user by employing a fully enclosed housing made of anti-microbial materials. The unit houses two individual, standard toilet rolls and delivers the paper with a simple wave of the hand. Pathogens ejected from the toilet via the “flush volcano” no longer land on exposed toilet rolls. The unit utilizes on-board microprocessors and world-class sensors to control the delivery, insuring continuous and reliable service. Additionally, savings of up to 50% on toilet paper consumption are achievable based on reduced consumption and theft.
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  • The BIOtouchless-300 takes restroom maintenance to the next level. It represents a breakthrough combination of touchless operational benefits with the power of predictive analytics. Each BIO touchless-300 unit reports to a central SaaS dashboard and sends alerts to the mobile app. The dashboard collects powerful usage data to optimize maintenance and supplies across enterprise-class deployments. Service personnel, armed with alerts sent to their mobile app, can maintain restrooms with much greater efficiency. The app defines which stalls need servicing, as well as which stalls need additional paper. These connected devices not only improve the customer experience but deliver an excellent ROI.

  • Full SaaS capability for dashboard reporting
  • Dashboard includes preformatted reports and trend analysis
  • Wi-Fi or cellular radio connectivity options
  • Free mobile app for all personnel
  • Dual paper rolls for high capacity
  • Accommodates any type of toilet paper
  • Battery powered for easy installation
  • LED indicators for quick, visual status
  • Smart processors to deliver ATM-class reliability
  • Quiet, fast motor for quick delivery of paper
  • Durable plastic shell with hidden, keyless latch for service
  • Stainless steel cover available in 4Q2021
  • Sensor records number of visits to stall


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