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Our Story

Our Story

Scott first dreamed of developing a touchless toilet paper dispenser as a young man while working with his father, a plumber. One public restroom after another had very unhealthy conditions for visitors. "How could someone let this happen?"  

So, the idea of a touchless toilet paper dispenser grew slowly over time until Scott finally decided, "I have to do something about this."

While he thought about how to solve this problem, he rose through the ranks of the Los Angeles County Fire Department in his full time career.

As a Battalion Chief he knew how to serve and lead, but not how to design products.

Scott began establishing partnerships to help him design the parts and mechanisms that would ultimately end up in the BIOtouchless product. He also selected a few technology partners that would help him with Wi-Fi hardware, dashboard software, sensors and 3D printed models of prototypes.

The type of perseverance that had served him so well in running up burning staircases to attack a fire, resulted in a fully functional product that was like no other in the world. And, because it was unique, Scott embarked on a mission to secure the patents he needed to keep the design protected. In 2018 he received patents that stand today and will continue to protect the design for years to come.

At this point, Scott was ready to take the next steps in manufacturing and marketing in order to launch the product. To help with these efforts, Scott added Kevin Dailey to the team as CEO.

These steps are now underway, and our goal is to begin shipping in volume in August 2022. We look forward to serving your needs to improve the hygiene of your customers’ restrooms, just as has been done with touchless toilets, faucets, soap and paper towel dispensers. Our product is the final mile in the complete touchless restroom experience. We hope you like it!

Our Vision

Our Vision

Manual toilet paper dispensers are the most serious health hazards in any public bathroom. Trying to keep manual dispensers sanitary, secure and stocked is inefficient and often impossible.

This challenge is everywhere — from public facilities to hotels, office buildings to restaurants, medical offices to hospitals, and at dreaded beach and gas station restrooms.

Our goal is to put this patented disease-prevention device in as many public toilets as possible to improve public health.