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Sustainable Restrooms Start With Bamboo Paper Products. Order Your Evaluation Products Today!

Discover the Overlooked Opportunity for Sustainability

When it comes to achieving sustainability, many options are available, but the most overlooked opportunity lies in high-volume restroom paper products. Every year, over 30 million trees are cut down just to produce toilet paper. By switching from traditional tree-based paper products to bamboo alternatives in your restrooms, you can make an immediate and significant impact.

You Finally Have A Commercial Grade Choice

Opting for bamboo paper products isn't just a small change—it's a powerful step toward a more sustainable future. From day one, your paper products will be 100% sustainable. Additionally, you'll experience fewer clogs and provide a chemical-free experience for your users. This is by far the easiest decision you can make on the path to sustainability.

Experience the Benefits Firsthand

Feeling is believeing and we know you have to prove it to yourself. So we invite you to try a sample case with a 40% DISCOUNT on your first purchase. Use the code "bamboo40" at checkout and discover the softness and strength of our bamboo paper products. You'll find that they're not just as good—they're better. And your users won’t even notice the change.

Your Sustainability Power Pack

Before and After – It’s About More Than Savings
  • Sustainable
  • Never Empty
  • No More Clogs
  • Cleaner
BEFORE 30 Million Trees Are Used On Toilet Paper Annually
AFTER Beautiful Forest After 30 Years Of Growth. Still There.
BEFORE Manual Dispensers
AFTER "Never Empty" Design Dispenser
BEFORE Traditional Toilet Paper
AFTER Bamboo Toilet Paper
BEFORE Runaway Unlimited Strands
AFTER Metered Dispenses
Tree Savings Calculator

Tree Savings Calculator

Calculation courtesy of ChatGPT. It has assumed that the rolls contain 550, 4 x 4 inch square sheets and are of 2 ply thickness to reach this number.  It's not a perfect calculation, but just imagine the impact you can have by switching to bamboo today!

Sample Installations