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World's first, fully automatic, touchless toilet paper dispenser.

A SMART Restroom Solution Provider  For Data Driven Organizations

A SMART Restroom Solution Provider For Data Driven Organizations

SMART Toilet Paper Dispensers. SMART IoT Sensors. SMART Software. Get SMART about restrooms today.

SMART Restroom Solutions

BIOtouchless has developed a SMART, touchless toilet paper dispenser that reduces toilet paper expenses by 55%. It is also the only dispenser in the world that fully expires every roll of toilet paper, eliminating the 10-30% waste associated with "stub" rolls This is an unprecedented improvement in an age-old device. It also protects paper from pathogens from the toilet bowl to eliminate human cross-contamination.

We couple the world's only SMART toilet paper dispenser with IoT sensors in all of your key restroom fixtures. That captured data is sent wirelessly to the cloud and presented on your desktop for analysis and planning. Alerts for outages are pushed directly to your cuistodian's mobile device for immediate attention and resolution. This is the future and it has arrived.

No more outages. No more frustrated guests. No more wasted time and money on consumables!

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SMART Metered, Toilet Paper DIspenser

  • Cuts paper waste and expense by 55%
  • “Never Empty” patented design
  • Unlimited two foot dispenses
  • Dualroll capacity of 3,000 two ply sheets total
  • Reduces labor costs of checking and filling dispenser
  • Touchless enclosure dramatically improves hygiene
  • Four batteries deliver 90,000 dispenses – minimum one year life
  • One-yearfull replacement warranty

IoT Sensors - 24 hour Monitoring

  • Connect to wireless gateway for cloud upload.
  • WiFi access not required
  • Five year battery life
  • Retrofittable to 250 pre-calibrated devices from 50 manufacturers
  • No “rip and replace” required
  • Paper dispensers, trash cans, soap dispensers, counters, water, occupaancy and more

Cloud-Based Software

  • Two platforms available from BIOtouchless
  • 32 airports and 20 stadiums already using platforms
  • No software to install
  • Input restroom schematics for exact locations
  • AI-based software for routing and consumables optimization
  • Desktop, tablet and phone accessible
  • Generates real time alert to custodian and manger mobile devices
  • Highly configurable

Toilet Paper Service Agreement

  • Many paper options available at competitive pricing
  • Can exchange SMART Dispensers for a toilet paper service contract
  • We match existing pricing and quality currently in use. No gimmicks
  • Autodelivery available
  • You’ll need only half as much paper after installing our dispenser

Real Time Alerts For Custodians

  • Toilet paper reduced by 55%
  • “Stub rolls” completely eliminated,saving 10-30% per roll in TP and hand towels
  • Flushes reduced by 25%.
  • Jams reduced dramatically, reducing costly clean up and repair
  • Routes completed in less time by eliminating device checks
  • Routes optimized to reduce or redeploy headcount by 10-40%
  • Reduce wasted consumables
  • Reduce time of planning resource utilization by managers
  • Match staffing with forecasted facility usage


  • Toilet paper reduced by 55%
  • “Stub rolls” are eliminated, saving 10-30% per roll in TP
  • Flushes reduced by 25%.
  • Reduce wasted consumables
  • Batteries last up to two years (90,000 dispenses)
  • Improve sustainability while saving money

Before and After – It’s About More Than Savings
  • Cleaner
  • Safer
  • Easier to Manage
  • 20% Savings
BEFORE Dangerous, Exposed Paper
AFTER Protected Safe Paper

Sample Installations