The World's First Fully Automatic, Touchless Toilet Paper Dispenser

Cut Paper Consumption By Over 50% Starting Today!

Reliably Touchless

  • Place a hand over the visible sensor to dispense paper. Users never need to touch the dispenser.
  • Users have a 100% sanitary experience with 100% certainty that toilet paper is available.

Ultra Sanitary

  • Eliminates the spread of restroom biohazards and liabilities.
  • The full enclosure keeps dual standard rolls covered and fully protected from contamination in the stall.


  • Each time a user activates the sensor, Touchless dispenses pre-measured paper.
  • Timing and length are programmable in Settings.
  • Pre-measuring reduces consumable waste, often by 50% or more.

Advanced Technology

  • Touchless App offers remote monitoring and alerts for an infinite number of dispensers.
  • Facilities managers and janitorial staff are immediately informed of any service needs.

Easily Installed

  • Full battery operation requires no AC power hookup. The low power consumption design results in long lasting batteries.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi provides remote monitoring and maintenance alerts with no wiring required.

Predictive Analytics

  • Touchless dispensers capture restroom usage activity in the form of real-time alerts.
  • Auto-ordering feature provides additional cost-of-use savings.

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Remote Monitoring

When one roll gets low, BIOtouchless automatically activates another. An exterior service light tells staff it needs a refill. Meanwhile, the co-processor sends a signal to the cloud via Wi-Fi, and our mobile app alerts cleaning staff which dispenser needs which type of service.

Patented Technology

BIOtouchless, Inc. holds the exclusive patent on the Touchless, Sealed, Automatic, and Multi-roll, Toilet Paper Dispenser. BIOtouchless dispensers are made in anti-microbial plastic. They’re compatible with every type of off-the-shelf low-cost toilet paper roll. BIOtouchless dispensers eliminate toxic spray on toilet paper, reduce cross-contamination risk, and safeguard against contact with dangerous germs, bacteria and pathogens.

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