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Sustainable  Restroom Solutions

Sustainable Restroom Solutions

Where Sustainable Bamboo Paper Products Meet Sustainable Technology

Sustainability Matters

Restrooms are likely the least sustainable part of your organization. BIOtouchless is now providing three distinct methods to improve your sustainability:

1. Bamboo Toilet Paper: A sustainable alternative that leaves zero carbon footprint. Unlike traditional paper production, bamboo paper doesn't require any trees and grows astonishingly fast, up to three feet per day—30 times faster than traditional trees. Not only does bamboo paper help preserve forests, but it also boasts unique properties. Upon contact with water, bamboo begins to dissolve in about 30 seconds, significantly reducing toilet bowl clogging and preventing pipe cling. Ready to make the switch? Try a sample carton of bamboo paper products today and experience the difference for yourself.

2. Sustainable Toilet Paper Dispenser: With its metered dispensing mechanism, it slashes consumption by an impressive 55%. What sets it apart is its utilization of 100% of every roll, leaving no room for wasteful "stub rolls" that typically squander 10-40% of paper. Unmatched in its performance, there's simply no other dispenser on the market that operates with such effectiveness. Say goodbye to waste and hello to sustainable innovation.

3. Sustainable Smart Restroom Software and Sensors : Transform your restroom into a sustainable oasis with our sustainable platform. Harness the power of sensor technology to revolutionize waste management. Elevate your facility's operations by seamlessly reporting consumable status to the cloud, receiving instant alerts, and optimizing consumable usage in real time. Say goodbye to inefficiency and hello to a smarter, more eco-friendly restroom experience.

Your Sustainability Power Pack

Before and After – It’s About More Than Savings
  • Sustainable
  • Never Empty
  • No More Clogs
  • Cleaner
BEFORE 20-30 Million Trees Are Used On Toilet Paper Annually
AFTER Beautiful Forest After 30 Years Of Growth
BEFORE Manual Dispensers
AFTER "Never Empty" Design Dispenser
BEFORE Traditional Toilet Paper
AFTER Bamboo Toilet Paper
BEFORE Runaway Unlimited Strands
AFTER Metered Dispenses

    Bamboo Forests Are Highly Sustainable

    Make the switch to eco-friendly bamboo paper products for your restroom today.


    We're Wasting Beauty On Unimportant Toilet Paper

    30 million trees are used every year on toilet paper. We're smarter than this.



    There Are Many Good Uses For Lumber Pulp. Toilet Paper Is Not One Of Them.



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    Sample Installations

    Tree Savings Calculator

    Tree Savings Calculator