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Reduces Toilet Paper Use and Expense by 50%. Pays for Itself In Six Months With Savings.

TP-100 SMART Touchless Toilet Paper Dispenser


The BIOtouchless TP-100 is the world’s first SMART, touchless toilet paper dispenser for public restrooms. Its smart-metered dispensing cuts toilet paper consumption and expense by a remarkable 50% on day one.

The high capacity of dual 1,500-sheet rolls eliminates paper outages and reduces the need for frequent paper replacement visits. The dual motor system ensures reliable "never-empty" status and speedy paper delivery. With hands-free dispensing, sanitary paper is always ready for your next guest.

The BIOtouchless TP-100 is a ground-breaking solution for lowering the high costs of toilet paper in public restrooms. This unit reduces paper consumption by up to 50% or more,effectively saving you money that would otherwise be spent on manual dispensers.

The traditional manual dispensers often lead to overuse and waste, with users often taking more than they need due to the perception that "more is better".

The TP-100 not only saves you money, but it also helps the environment by reducing the need for excessive flushing. With each installation, you can begin saving trees and lowering your carbon footprint, all while improving your corporate sustainability rating.

In summary, the TP-100 is a simple choice that can have a significant impact on your costs and environmental footprint. It's time to take control of your toilet paper costs and make a difference for your company and the environment.

The TP-100 provides a high level of touchless hygiene in public restrooms. It is the final link in providing your users with a completely touchless restroom experience.

  • Matte black color resists scratches and markings
  • Dual paper rolls for up to 6,000 sheet capacity betwen refills
  • Accepts all types of toilet paper except jumbo to free you from contracts
  • Battery-operated for simple installation and an operational life about one year
  • LED status indicators provide quick visual feedback for easy maintenance
  • World class reliability will keep the paper moving and patrons happy
  • Quiet, fast motors for a pleasant experience and fast paper delivery
  • Made of highly durable PC-ABS (Polycarbonate/ acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic shell that is impact and scratch resistant

TP-100 Product Brochure Download Link

  • Dimensions 13'W x 11.5"H x 6"D
  • Quiet Operation (< 20dB)
  • Patented Design
  • Pays For Itself In Six Months
  • Reliable Dispense Every Time
  • Easy Installation
  • 4 D Cell Batteries
  • Fits Any Roll Size And Type
  • Dual Rolls, Auto Change Over
  • LED Lights For Paper Status
  • Sanitary Dispense After Loading
  • Less Paper, Fewer Flushes

BIOtouchless TP-100 Mounting and Initial Setup

Optional - please take a “before” picture of the current dispenser.

Tools Required: Drill; 1/8th inch drill bit (if placing screws directly into wall); 5/16th inch drill bit (if using molly plug for screws); Phillips head drill bit or screwdriver; Tape measure; Masking or Scotch tape; Hammer; Level

Mounting the BIOtouchless TP-100:

For ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) stalls, using the included mounting template and hardware provided, secure the dispenser to stall wall with at least 4 mounting screws. The dispenser should be mounted 9” measured to centerline of dispenser in front of the front edge of the toilet. Mount the dispenser so the top of the dispenser is 1-1/2” below the grab bar. Per ADA guidelines, the grab bar should be between 33” and 36” above the floor, placing the bottom of the dispenser between 20” and 23” above the floor. Place the dispenser in “ADA mode” (see below).

For non-ADA stalls, using the included mounting template and hardware provided, secure the dispenser to the stall wall with at least 4 mounting screws. Mount the dispenser so the bottom of the dispenser is at least 21 to 25” above the floor. Place the dispenser in “long mode” (see below) to provide maximum dispense amount. Place the dispenser in “short mode” (see below) to provide shorter dispense amount.

Initial Setup of the BIOtouchless TP-100:

After the BIOtouchless TP-100 has been securely and properly mounted, adjust the configurable switch settings to customize the dispenser for your application and environment.

Settings are controlled by three switches on the small panel inside the dispenser. The switches provide the following setting combinations:

• Left switch (“Length” - 3 positions) controls the dispense length, from left position to right position, as follows: short dispense; long dispense; ADA dispense (continuous feed)

• Center switch (“Delay” - 3 positions) controls the delay between dispenses (only applies to ADA mode), from left position to right position, as follows: short delay; medium delay; long delay

• Right Switch (“Proximity” - 3 positions) controls the proximity, or distance, from the dispenser required to trigger a dispense, from left position to right position, as follows: near; medium; far

PLEASE NOTE: Each time the dispenser cover is closed, a “sanitary dispense” is performed, dispensing 16”~20” of paper from each roll. The sensor activation is locked out for ~10 seconds following a front closure of the cover with a sanitary dispense.

For further information on set up, paper loading and operation refer to the sticker on the inside of the dispenser front case or scan the QR code at the top left-hand corner of that sticker.

Optional – please take an “after” picture of the BIOtouchless dispenser and email the “before” and “after”pictures to beforeandafter@biotouchless.com

Download Installation Guide