Patented. For a Reason.

Many years of development have led to the completion of the last mile of the touchless bathroom experience - touchless toilet paper dispensing.

Our touchless toilet paper dispensing technology was designed with the user in mind.  It is easy to use for the patron and is easily maintained by the maintenance staff. Its unique technology ensures a perfectly dispensed toilet paper length each and every time. The design is meant to be as reliable as an ATM and to prevent the unpleasant experience of contaminated paper or empty rolls.

Our extensive lab and in-field testing process led to a patented design for reliable toilet paper dispensing. A simple wave of the hand in front of the centrally located sensor yields a quick dispensing of a pre-determined amount of paper. The user is not limited to a single segment of paper but instead can use multiple waves of the hand to add additional paper, at their discretion. 

The unit senses how many visits to the stall have occurred and alerts maintenance staff that it is time to clean the stall, insuring that the patron has a safe, clean and pleasant restroom experience.

The technology-controlled measurement of paper from an enclosed unit eliminates theft, keeps the roll clean and saves paper. Typically, in just a few months the cost of the unit can be recovered, making this technology investment a healthy, economic and eco-friendly decision!

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