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Sustainable and Smart

TP-212-VP VANDAL PROOF Sustainable Smart 12-Gauge Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Dispenser


The TP-212 provides a high level vandal proof sustaianble operations in public restrooms.

  • Stainless steel VANDAL PROOF shell stops vandalism and paper theft.
  • Dual paper rolls for up to 3,000 sheet 2 ply sheets.
  • Accepts all types of toilet paper except Jumbo Roll Tissue (JRT)
  • Battery-operated for simple installation. Four D cell batteries deliver approximately 90,000 dispenses (at least a year in most cases)
  • LED status indicators provide quick visual feedback for easy maintenance
  • World class reliability will keep the paper moving and patrons happy
  • Quiet, fast motors for a pleasant experience and fast paper delivery

Introducing the BIOtouchless TP-212, a pioneering advancement in the realm of public restroom hygiene and sustainability. As the first-of-its-kind, this smart, touchless toilet paper dispenser is designed to revolutionize the way we use and conserve toilet paper in public spaces. With its intelligent metered dispensing system, the TP-212 dramatically reduces toilet paper usage and costs by an impressive 55%, setting a new standard for sustainability in the industry.

A robust 12-gauge stinless steel cover makes this product a great fit in hostile environments such as public parks, institutions and jails. The steel lock and push buttn operation prevent theft while providing a hygenic experience.

Boasting a generous capacity with dual 1,500-sheet rolls, the TP-212 guarantees continuous availability, ensuring restrooms remain fully stocked without the risk of running out. This "never-empty" feature, coupled with rapid paper delivery, provides an unmatched level of reliability and efficiency.

The TP-212 goes a step further in eco-friendliness by utilizing every inch of toilet paper on the roll, cutting additional consumption by 10-30%. This innovation puts an end to the wasteful practice of discarding partially used rolls, ensuring that every sheet is utilized to its full potential. Welcome to a new era of restroom sustainability with the BIOtouchless TP-212, where smart technology meets environmental responsibility.

  • Dimensions 11'W x 9.5"H x 6"D
  • 19.5 pounds
  • Push button operation
  • Quiet Operation (< 20dB)
  • Patented Design
  • Reliable Dispense Every Time
  • Easy Installation
  • 4 D Cell Batteries Deliver 90,000 dispenses
  • Fits Any Roll Size And Type except JRT
  • Dual Rolls, Auto Roll Change Over
  • LED Lights For Paper Status