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BIOtouchless provides the world’s first truly touchless toilet paper dispenser. It delivers a completely touchless and sanitary experience for the user by employing a fully enclosed housing made of anti-microbial materials. The unit houses two individual, standard toilet rolls and delivers the paper with a simple wave of the hand. Pathogens ejected from the toilet via the “flush volcano” no longer land on exposed toilet rolls. The unit utilizes on-board microprocessors and world-class sensors to control the delivery, insuring continuous and reliable service. Additionally, savings of up to 50% on toilet paper consumption are achievable based on reduced consumption and theft.
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The BIOtouchless-200 delivers the same functionality as the BIOtouchless-100, adding the invaluable capability of auto-replenishment of toilet paper through Amazon Dash Replenishment services. This insures that you never have to over-stock bulky toilet paper again. Smart sensors count the consumed roles and prompt a timely re-order according to the rules that you define. This is a breakthrough, cost-saving technology integration that can reduce your inventory management in distributed environments.

  • Dual paper rolls for high capacity
  • Accommodates any type of toilet paper
  • Battery powered for easy installation
  • LED indicators for quick, visual status
  • Smart processors to deliver ATM-class reliability
  • Quiet, fast motor for quick delivery of paper
  • Durable plastic shell with hidden, keyless latch for service
  • Stainless steel cover available in 4Q2021
  • Sensor records number of visits to stall

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