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Company Rapidly Moves from Stealth Development Mode to Begin Official Operations

Irvine, Calif. – October 6, 2021 –  BIOtouchless, Inc. has completed final development efforts on the BIOtouchless TP-100, the world’s first completely touchless toilet paper dispenser. In a post COVID-19 pandemic public restroom environment, patrons of all types are demanding a touchless experience for health and safety reasons. After two years of development, the product launch could not occur at a more important moment.

 BIOtouchless is launching at the ISSA show November 15-18 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Demonstration units will be on display in Booth W-4326.

 The TP-100 dispenser operates in a stand-alone mode, with dual-roll capacity. The rolls are fully protected from airborne pathogens that collect on top of exposed toilet paper rolls in public restroom stalls. The TP-100 has a fully enclosed, aesthetically pleasing design that is suitable for all environments. An on-board processor manages the sensors and motors that deliver ATM-class reliability to ensure a pleasant patron user experience. A simple wave of the hand dispenses 20 or 24-inch segments of paper, or a continuous feed for ADA-compliance. Multiple dispenses are always available, as needed.

 During a recent press event, Scott Fellhoelter, Founder and CTO of BIOtouchless, made these comments, “The public restroom has had touchless paper towels, faucets, soap and toilets for years. This is the last and most important element of sanitizing the patron’s experience. I have developed a unique, dual patented delivery mechanism that makes this device unlike any other. It is truly touchless”. The unit may be viewed here.

 According to Kevin Dailey, BIOtouchless CEO, “The market has embraced touchless technologies due to health, ROI and convenience reasons. It was important to us to get the product just right before launching and we have done that”.

 BIOtouchless will be selling the product online as well as through distributors, service organizations, resellers, and independent agents. The company is actively pursuing strategic relationships.

 The BIOtouchless TP-100 standalone unit will be followed in Q1 2022 by two additional connected models. The BIOtouchless TP-200 will offer direct connection to Amazon Dash Replenishment Services (ADR) to eliminate inventory management of inexpensive, yet space-consuming, toilet paper. The BIOtouchless TP-300 will connect to a cloud dashboard to optimize large scale maintenance operations of public restrooms through predictive analytics service for office complexes, hotels, airports, and stadiums.

 “This is the right product at just the right time. We look forward to helping consumers feel safer in public restrooms in a post COVID-19 world and to helping businesses enhance their brand by providing the cleanest experience possible for visitors, employees and janitorial staff”, continued Dailey.

 About BIOtouchless, Inc.:

 Founded in 2015, BIOtouchless delivers patented paper dispensing devices worldwide. BIOtouchless is dedicated to improving the quality of the patron experience in public restrooms. Manual toilet paper dispensers are the most serious health hazards in any public bathroom. Trying to keep manual dispensers sanitary, secure, and stocked is inefficient and often impossible. This challenge is everywhere — from public facilities to hotels, office buildings to restaurants, medical offices to hospitals, and at dreaded beach and gas station restrooms.

 “Our goal is to put this patented disease-prevention device in as many public restrooms as possible to improve public health and wellness.”

 For complete information, visit:  https://biotouchless.com/


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