Uptime vs. Study Time

Touchless vs. Without Touchless

Touchless Dispenser Usage Data

Product Study

BIOtouchless conducted a study to determine if a toilet paper dispenser that deployed predetermined lengths of toilet paper through our

BIOtouchless toilet paper dispensers would result in toilet paper and labor savings.

Our dispenser is designed to dispense 16, 20, or 24 inches of toilet paper with each dispense. Our study was done at a family-owned restaurant in a suburban neighborhood. The female restroom was equipped with a BIOtouchless dispenser and dispenser data was collected for approximately 90 days.

The Customer Always Has Paper

From this study, BIOtouchless was able to calculate an inches per customer comparison demonstrating large savings. At the end of the study, it was found that customers utilizing the BIOtouchless system used approximately 50% less paper overall on average.

And the Business Saves Too

BIOtouchless comes with a built-in app so that dispenser status can be monitored remotely. Additionally, businesses can leverage data collected in-app to make dramatic savings on their labor costs. 

So It Pays for Itself in 4 Months!
With BIOtouchless Without BIOtouchless
26 rolls 55 rolls
$1.20/roll $1.20/roll
$31.20 $66.00
BIOtouchless ROI
BIOtouchless TP-100 $149
ROI 4.3 months
BIOtouchless TP-300 (w/Advanced Predictive Analytics) $299
ROI: 8.6 months*
* Calculations don't include savings on labor.

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