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Kevin Dailey


Kevin has spent most of his career in the initial phases of high growth technology companies.

His sales career began at Hewlett Packard where he represented the company’s UNIX-based technical computers and CAD/CAM systems. 

Kevin left HP and spent five years with MTI, a data storage supplier. After joining as a Sales Representative he quickly became Southwest District Manager, and finally Vice President of the Western US Sales Operations. The organization grew from $10M to $125M over five years and he departed following a successful IPO in 1994.

Following the MTI IPO, he joined Fiberlink Communications Corporations as a Principal and VP of the Western US Operations and was later promoted to VP of Sales and Corporate Development. The organization was under $1M in sales when he joined and had grown to $43M by the time he left in 2002. Kevin led the company migration to be the first VPN Solution Provider for the Enterprise and as VP of Sales he oversaw the evolution and expansion of the entire sales organization after venture capital funds were accepted from GE Capital. Fiberlink was later sold to IBM in 2013 for over $300 million.

Kevin was then hired to launch a new IBM Premier Business Partner, Apex Computer Solutions, to build out the company infrastructure and drive a new strategy for deploying IBM blade servers, digital IP video surveillance on IBM bladecenter technology.

Unified Physical Security was subsequently formed to focus on the sole on the physical security market. In 2014 the company shifted focus to cloud-based infrastructures and Wi-Fi offerings. This change was created in order to help companies leverage social networking business development through Guest WIFI and the name was updated to Unified Products and Services.

In 2018 Kevin joined Pryor Products as President. At Pryor completely  revamped a 50 year old companies IT infrastructure, communications platforms, marketing strategy and solidified relationship with it's major OEM partnerships. 

During the 2020 COVVID 19 pandemic Kevin lead the company's efforts to serve the nation's need of supplying respirator stands to accommodate the GM-led White House team to deliver 150,000 units in nine months, for a product that Pryor was accustomed to delivering 10,000 units annually. Utilizing outsourcing, resale agreements and licensing agreements structured and negotiated by Kevin, Pryor delivered all units on time and on budget, while supplying the nation with a critical supply chain component that represented one of the first steps in beating the COVID virus.